Optimal System Behavior by Model-Based Design

We support your product development from the first idea to prototypical and close to serial implementation.

Our portfolio comprises the support of all stages of the development process. We create design- and simulation models and identify the required parameters. For your systems we develop model-based controls and verify them in simulation studies or with prototypes. Transferring of algorithms into serial code completes this spectrum.
Our long-term experiences in the field of hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) testings makes us the optimal partner also in this domain as well for conception of test benches and automated test procedures.

Modeling and Simulation

  • Modeling of electro-mechanical and -hydraulic systems
  • Modeling of friction
  • Flexibly configurable environment e.g. for simulation of vehicle dynamics
  • Setup of libraries for specific use-cases
  • Model validation and parameter identification
  • Conduction of simulation studies


  • Classic control e.g. PID, cascades and compensation controller
  • Optimal control e.g. LQG state control and Kalman filter (extendend, unscented)
  • Estimation and compensation of non-measured disturbance signals
  • Model predictive (state-)control
  • Feedback linearization
  • Compensation of non-linear plant properties
  • Multi variable control
  • Implementation of sequence control by means of state machines
  • Design-, Analysis-, and Implementation environments

Development of Optimal Mechatronic Systems

  • Selection of suitable actuators
  • Selection respectively development of suitable sensors and sensor concepts
  • Model-based investigation, ideally in the concept phase
  • Determination of optimal values, such as e.g. masses, inertias and stiffnesses
  • Placement of sensors
  • Verification of results using simulation studies
  • Design of optimal open- and closed-loop controllers
  • Optimization of construction and control parameters

Virtual and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Simulation

  • Prototypical implementation of control systems
  • Setup of real-time systems