Test Benches

Requirements on test benches in terms of dynamic control behavior are higher than for the mechatronic systems to be tested. To fulfill these and to achieve an optimal system behavior, we offer to support you in optimal system design. We have long-term experience in conception, control, implementation and operation of electrical and hydraulic test benches in different application areas.

Conception of New Test Benches

To work out an appropriate topology (mechanics, actuators and sensors) and the development of a control concept in the planning phase leads to the optimal system behavior. The model-based approach allows simulation studies for virtual validation of the test bench concept.

Own Test Benches

With this approach, we have developed our own test benches and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems, used by us in customer projects successfully:

  • Test bench for electrical drives
    • Identification of parameters
    • Test of motor and ECU in HiL simulation (e.g. with a vehicle model)

Presentation Overview

Publication (HiL)

Publication (Identification)

  • Torque Feedback steering wheel
    • Steering feel made available for haptic experience
    • Pre-adjustment of control algorithms before test in vehicle
    • HiL test in conceptional development phase



Control of Existing Test Benches / Commissioning of New Test Benches

For existing test benches we create appropriate models and parameterize them by means of a customer specific parameter identification process. Based on this, we optimize the system behavior by new control concepts. We integrate the developed controller into your existing test bench software and put the control for adjustment into operation.

Software for Operating Test Benches

We augment test benches, existing or developed together with you, by software modules for automated testing. These include:

  • Creation and administration of appropriate stimuli
  • Administration of test data (data base connection, if applicable)
  • Automated parameter identification for the device under test
  • Easy (partly automated) adaption of the test bench controller for experiments or different devices under test
  • Integration of models for HiL simulation or
  • Connection to established RCP hardware (e.g. dSPACE-systems)