Software Tools

We offer stand-alone software solutions or augmentations for existing software to you and integrate these into your workflow. In the software development we put emphasis on high modularity and precise interface definitions to assure an efficient further development and further use.

Design, Analysis, and Implementation Environments

  • Easy-to-use tools for controller design and analysis
  • Comprehensive tools for a wide variety of options for control, analysis, simulation, and test of controlled systems
  • Tool supported implementation of controls for rapid control prototyping, e.g. for test benches
  • Software for experiment control and automation, e.g. by means of state machines.

Process Tools

  • Code generation: automated transfer of controllers from MATLAB/Simulink to customer specific targets. By this, the code generation process is reproducible and documented including all settings
  • Development and integration of software modules with respect to AUTOSAR-requirements
  • Test data management:
    • Im- and export of measured signals
    • Automated manipulation, analysis, and assessment of huge amount of data
    • Visualization of results
  • Model validation/ parameter identification: automated identification of plant parameters based on measurement data
  • Model administration: configuration of complex simulation models via graphical tools
  • Database: Integration of relational databases (e.g. SQL) into your data administration

Interface Software