With our expertise we meet the new challenges resulting from the electrification of the drivetrain and its demands for the increasing complexity of control algorithms, the interaction of the control units, and the expectations of economic feasibility. DMecS is your optimal partner for

  • Simulation-based development for electric vehicles
  • Vehicle dynamics control
  • Development and application of test benches

System tests in the early development stage become possible. This leads to a reduction of development costs and time with the simultaneous potential for quality improvement.

Simulation-Based Development for Electric Vehicles

An example is given with an electrohydraulic brake system (EHBS) and the corresponding controller design. This includes the development of a complex vehicle dynamics and environment model with

  • Modeling of E-vehicle specific components
    (steering, brake, drive train)
  • Control design for electric and hybrid vehicles
    (brake- and recuperation control, energy management)

Further insights are provided with the design and analysis of the controller on AUTOSAR architecture level.