DMecS Test Benches

The highly dynamical controlled power pack test benches developed by DMecS are available to our customers as customized turn-key solutions. At the same time, the company's own power pack test benches are used successfully in customer projects for testing of the respective power units. The developed HiL-simulator for steering systems with torque feedback steering wheel is also available for customer projects. Further information about the Power Pack test benches can be found in the PPTB-flyer.

Power Pack Test Benches (PPTB)

The highly dynamic test benches allow for realistic HiL-tests of powerpacks as well as the parameter identification and model validation of the device under test with

  • mechanical and electrical parameters
  • torque-speed characteristic
  • reference transfer behavior of the control
  • torque ripple

The test bench provides

  • innovative and high-performance controllers as well
    as highly dynamic actuators and sensors
  • modular and flexible design of the setup, the control
    and the dSPACE system
  • individual testing sequences and HiL-models

The components to be tested and therefore the results remain uninfluenced by the test bench dynamics. An overview is given by PPTB Overview Presentation.


The realistic results of the highly dynamic test, for example
for an EPS control unit and motor, are ensured by

  • sophisticated models of steering system/ vehicle dynamic
  • realistic parameter sets for every model
  • highly dynamic torque control for actuator

The HiL- tests are characterized by

  • universal application even for the production of EPS ECUs/ motors
  • high performance, proven by standardized road tests with highly dynamic excitation

Parameter Identification

For the parameter identification and model validation such
as an EPS control unit and motor automated procedures
with statistically confirmed results are available. With that

  • the frequency response for the control reference transfer behavior
  • the precise determination of the torque ripple
  • the development and validation of a torque ripple compensation

can be generated. Identified parameters/ characteristics
such as the moment of inertia and the viscous friction are used for the

  • control of the cutting torque
  • determination of the air gap torque

Customer Applications

The DMecS power pack test benches are successfully used
for the testing of customer powerpacks. These include

  • system identification regarding the torque generation dynamic
  • automated testing of motors for a torque feedback steering system
  • parameter identification for differential lock actuators
    and servo drives
  • reduction of torque ripple

With the reduction of the cogging torque induced torque ripple its impact on the torsion bar torque/ drivers hand torque can be positively influenced.

Torque Feedback Steering Wheel

The HiL-simulator for steering systems and the torque feedback steering wheel (TFS) developed by DMecS allows for

  • providing of the steering feel for haptic experiences
  • HiL- tests in the conceptional development phase
  • pre-adjustment of control algorithms before the testing in a vehicle
  • application of the TFS as a steering angle sensor

The automated initialization/ parameter identification and the modular structure ensure the comfortable handling as well as the applicability with a wide variety of software environments.