Test Benches and HiL-Tests

Extensive experiences with electrical and hydraulic test benches allow us to offer wide spectrum services in the field of test benches and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL)-tests to our customers.

Offers for our Customers


DMecS Power Pack Test Benches

The DMecS power pack test benches employ innovative controller and highly dynamic actors and sensors.

  • realistic and highly dynamical HiL-tests and
  • broad parameter identifications and
    model verifications

can be conducted. At the same time the components to be tested e.g. electric drives, and therefore the results remain uninfluenced by the test bench dynamics.

DMecS Steer-by-Wire Test Benches

DMecS offers composite power pack test benches e.g. for Steer-by-Wire systems. With that actuator power packs/
actuators which provide the

  • wheel deflection torque
  • feedback torque

can be examined in a realistic test environment. The accurate application of internal mechanical quantities (e.g., torque, position, and speed from HiL-simulation) is given.